New Coach Training Day 9

Shakeology and Providing Value
  • Sharing The Value of Shakeology

    Today we are sharing with you some super awesome videos about shakeology and how to provide value and also build value around the tools we have to help people.

    First off, it is crucial that we LEARN what’s in shakeology and how it can help us! WE need to be believers in Shakeology in order to share it — otherwise we are selling it and no one likes to be SOLD to– they want to be SHARED to. In order to believe in it, we must be drinking it everyday and share how it benefits us. WAKE & SHAKE;) Wake-up and have your shake every day! That’s the first step to FEELING its benefits is by actually using it consistently and seeing how it helps us personally.

    ALSO, you must know about it. We have SO much information in the back office that you will want to check out stat. It can be super helpful when you are talking with someone at your kid’s birthday party or answering questions through Facebook. Whatever the case, you need to have done the research and feel comfortable talking about it.

    Because it’s so much more than just a protein powder like most people think.

    First check out this NWC that Seay Stanford did all about SHAKEOLOGY– start at the 4 minute mark:)

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