New Coach Training Day 7

Social Media
  • SOCIAL MEDIA —– super important:)

    Today we’re gonna talk all about SOCIAL MEDIA!! YES! Playing on facebook and instagram is our JOB;) But we have to be intentional about it! THIS IS HOW WE GREW OUR BUSINESS 100%! I know it can seem scary or overwhelming— but we have millions of people at our fingertips from the comfort of our homes:) We need to fully take advantage of that!  If you want to be able to help a ton of people, then you have to be willing to learn the ins and outs and commit to being consistent with sharing your journey, reconnecting with people, meeting new people, building relationships, and helping others reach their goals in fitness, this business, and life.

    Ashley is a rockstar coach and has used social media to build her business and help her retire from her full time teaching career in just one year. LEARN what she does and APPLY these tips right off the bat! Also, be sure you check out the resources and examples in the google drive folder and save it on your computer so you can reference it often!