New Coach Training Day 5

Power of Three - Power Hour - Time Management
  • Ok so today we’re gonna be going over our POWER HOUR, POWER OF 3s, and TIME MANAGEMENT because they all go hand in hand! Your power hour is super important when building your business. YOU MUST BE CONSISTENT with this and tracking will be a game changer for you!!! Trust me!

    These are just a few of the things you can accomplish in 1 hr. This is the MINIMUM of what you should be doing daily for your business if you want it to build your business. Double, triple, etc. this list if you want to move forward FASTER.

    Download or print the Power of 3s tracker from the google drive or resources section and start using this for your power hour every day! This will be a LIFE SAVER in keeping you engaged in the essential activities to help people each month and grow your business. Don’t get distracted and overcomplicate things—- JUST DO THESE EVERY DAY.

    Here’s an explanation of what you’re seeing on the tracker and what you’ll be doing each day!


    I’m sure it’s crossed your mind that you don’t have time to build a business —- YOU ARE BUSY! But guess what…… we all are! But if changing your life is a priority, then you will MAKE TIME to do the essential activities it takes to build a solid business! If not, then excuses will always win!

    Melissa has worked full time and has 2 young kids since she started coaching 2 years ago—– watch this video about how she manages her time and how she’s built a successful business EVEN THOUGH she is super busy!