New Coach Training Day 15

Expanding your Network and Building Relationships
  • THIS is KEYYYYY to lasting results! How to EXPAND OUR NETWORK and how vital it is for our business! No for real though—- if you skip this step every day you will seriously pay for it a couple months down the road when you run out of people to help! So MAKE SURE you are adding to your network each day as part of your power hour.

    It’s awesome to start with our warm network—- the people we know well—- and we’ll continue to work with our warm network all the time as people follow our journeys and reach out down the road. But if you want to help as many people as you can, then we need to get out of our comfort zones and be able to reach people who we don’t currently know! So how do we do this? Watch the video and find out!

    **Make sure you do this every day! If you skip this, you won’t feel the hit until a few months down the road when you run out of people to talk to and it’s too little too late;)  THIS webinar is a longer ONE but it’s so CRUCIAL to learn from the get go and APPLY.