New Coach Training Day 14

Presenting the Business
  • When you’re introducing the business to someone, it generally happens because they have said something in conversation (in person or in messages/emails) & that statement lead you to believe they have a problem/situation/need that could be helped/solved with the coaching business. So you’re NOT bringing it up out of the blue UNLESS they are just someone who is totally inspiring and you know they would rock it!

    You’re generally bringing it up as a possible solution “have you ever considered doing what I do to help with _______?” Maybe they need more money, a better paying career, or a more balanced lifestyle, a more rewarding line of work, a discount on Shakeology or programs, maybe they’re already inspiring people in fitness and this just gives them more solutions to offer people, or maybe they just want something positive in their life that will also help them get healthier. Whatever it is, have your ears WIDE OPEN to these issues, problems, needs so that you can simply ask “Well have you ever considered coaching to help with ____?” This question is how you introduce the business to someone when it comes up naturally. You’re just introducing the THOUGHT at this point. You’re planting a seed of interest hopefully in time and with follow up messages here and there, and from them watching what you do, that interest will grow!

    Track who you’ve asked the question regardless of their level of interest when they reply. Some of the LEAST interested people are interested LATER but you would never know that unless you have them on a list and followed up on it at some point when it’s appropriate. This question being asked to *at least* 3 people per week, and tracking those names on an official list so that you know who could potentially benefit from this business, IT’S SO CRITICAL TO YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS.

    We have a sneak peek group on FB that you can utilize when they are interested and want more info—- you don’t need to know how to explain everything—- we do this for you in simple videos! BUT you MUST build a relationship with them before putting them in. Ask questions as to why coaching would help them….. THESE GROUPS CLOSE THE DEAL but they don’t START IT! You simply find out that they are interested in learning more and WHY! Then direct them to where the sneak peek posts are and how to navigate the group—— totally risk free and just a place for them to learn more about it and get great info! Post on your wall about the coaching opportunity along with reaching out to peeps in personal messages EVERY SINGLE MONTH to those that you would love have on your team! Just like you post and promote a challenge group EVERY single month—– you also need to have a focused week or timeframe each month when you are intentionally presenting the coaching opportunity and growing your team! This is a GAME CHANGER so don’t skip it!