New Coach Training Day 12

Branding yourself and Posting
  • Today we’re gonna be talking about HOW to BRAND yourself as you’re reconnecting and building relationships on social media & how to target your ideal client/coaches.

    Make sure you look through all the pics in the google drive folder for day 15 – BRANDING YOURSELF for examples:)

    BRANDING YOU: I want you to start branding yourself using the tips you see in the pics located in the branding yourself folder. Remember it’s not about being someone else… some try that in the beginning and it just doesn’t work.

    We’re gonna go over how you know who you are posting to and what kind of client/coach YOU want to work with! As coaches, we are sharing US and our lifestyle— we aren’t just product pushing for beachbody—- I always say…. my clients come to me for MICAH FOLSOM plus a side of beachbody—- not the other way around:)
    Watch these 2 quick videos about how to brand yourself & then how to attract your ideal network of clients/ coaches and actually identify who you want to target with you posts!

    Branding YOU with Kelli:

    Finding your ideal customers and coaches: