New Coach Training Day 11

Emerald Coach and New Coach Placement
  • Today we’re gonna be covering BECOMING AN EMERALD COACH and COACH PLACEMENT STRATEGY and helping you understand the fun side of this biz;) Building your team really is like playing a game of chess—- there is definitely strategy to it and you don’t just want coaches ending up wherever they randomly land in your downline. You want to be sure and have complete control over building each leg for two purposes—- for balance so that you can be sure and rank advance along the way—- and to maximize volume so you can fully soak up the rewards of the team cycle bonus.

    Watch this quick video all about EMERALD— why it’s an important milestone and how simple it is to get there.

    Now watch the two videos below and MAKE SURE you understand HOW to change your preferred placement and to be sure and do this before EVERY single coach signs up!


    Coach Placement:

    If you haven’t already, you’ll soon be signing up your first coach and we want to make sure you know the ins and outs of how to place your coaches and make sure they end up where you want them so you can build a solid organization:) Watch this video and get familiar with your own back office and ready to build a rockin team!

    Now a little bit more on becoming an EMERALD coach! Our goal for this group as you know is to help you guys make back your initial investment within 21 days! So how do we make this happen??

    It’s pretty simple, really. Reach EMERALD and earn SUCCESS CLUB by the end of this group. It’s 100% doable and we have had a ton of coaches do it each month when they are applying the things we teach you each day and plugging into the system. So let’s break down a little more how to get there.

    It’s A LOT easier to hit Emerald than you think. Beachbody allows you to actually sign up your spouse/ significant other which is AWESOME and extremely smart to do. Even if your spouse isn’t interested in working the business, it’s smart to sign them up IF you share bank accounts lol. Why? Cause as a coach you earn income 2 ways. 1 way is by retail commission as you know and the other way is by Team Bonus. If your spouse is your coach that means if you drive sales to his/her business you will earn TWO WAYS AT 1 TIME. You will earn the commission from his/her account from that retail sale AND you will earn Team Bonus because he/she is one of your coaches. WIN WIN! Now we understand at first you may not do this BUT It’s a good idea to get them in the TOP spot (of your weak leg) or close to it so they will eventually benefit from all the other coaches you place after them. Confused yet? Lol We sure were!!

    Moving on from that… even if you DO NOT want to sign up your spouse you still only need 2 active coaches…. 1 on your left leg and 1 on your right leg and BOOM you hit emerald. Make a goal to hit EMERALD in the next 2-4 weeks! Do you have a plan in place? Who do you want to be your first two coaches?