• How do my customers contact Beachbody Customer Service?

    Copy and Paste the following link into your browser for a live chat:

    Your customers can also contact Beachbody Customer Service by calling or by email:

    1-800-470-7870 and customerservice@teambeachbody.com

    What is the best way to get questions answered from Beachbody coach relations?

    You have 3 different options:

    1. Email your questions and concerns to coachrelations@teambeachbody.com or first check http://COACHFAQ.com
    2. Call coach relations at 1-800-240-0913
    3. Do a live chat with them online: log in to your coach online office and click on ‘contact us’ at the bottom of the home page — then choose live chat

    My customer ordered more than 24 hours ago and it isn’t showing up in my back office. What should I do?

    Most likely, they are linked to an old coach (even if they don’t realize it). You have 2 options:

    1. Give them your coach ID and have them get their order number and send this email tocustomerservice@teambeachbody.com:
    I need to switch my coach to {YOUR NAME, (Coach ID#xxxxxx)} and have my order I placed yesterday transferred to her account as well. ORDER#xxxxxxxxxx


    Their Name

    2. YOU can change it if you have some of their info— go here to find out how—-https://faqcoach.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/ 2336/kw/coach%20change (Must Be Logged In to Your Coach Account)

    How does someone switch to have me as a coach?

    First, Make sure they aren’t currently working with a different coach – Then copy and paste this link into your browser and fill out the information:


    How do I log in to my coach online office?

    Go to http://teambeachbody.com
    -Click on COACH
    -SIGN IN

    Where is the CHALLENGE PACK WAIVER FORM I need to fill out for my challenger that just became a coach?

    Click HERE to access it:

    How does someone make me their FREE COACH? And what is the point of doing that?

    Copy and Paste this link into your browser:


    Fill out the information required. It will send them an email for them to walk them through the rest of the steps.

    You can fill out

    My card was just charged 40 on top of shakeology and the 15.95 business fee. What is that charge and why is it there?

    This is your club membership fee. It is only billed QUARTERLY— so every 3 months. As a club member, you have complete access to teambeachbody.com— my favorite thing you can do there is create a customized meal plan for you and your challengers based on their goals.
    If you are a new coach and you aren’t going to be emerald very soon– you CAN cancel this club membership. HOWEVER— being a club member is one of the MANDATORY prerequisites for earning free shakeology customers through success club. So if you want to earn those free customers— you DO earn the commission on these leads— you HAVE to be a club member. And as long as you are hitting success club 5 each month, you will get at least one free customer each month and the fee will be paid for within the first month.

    I’ve been talking to a girl who would make an awesome coach. So how long do you wait to check in? I don’t want her to think I’m only interested for my own gain, because she would rock at this! But I don’t want her to just drop it either.

    Ok this will happen a ton!!! So I ALWAYS look for an extra reason to follow-up—— DEADLINE. I either wait for a sale to be ending or for a group to be filling or in this case—– the new coach basics training that she does not want to miss out on starting MONDAY! So today is the perfect day to follow up with her and just see if she is ready to snag a final spot in the group! Express your confidence in her because right now it sounds like that is what she’s having the most trouble with— maybe she just needs one more message of you believing in her and KNOWING that she will rock at this and that you will be there to help her every step of the way! Then give her a gentle nudge to make the leap when you’re ending it with something like— let’s do it girl! I’m here to help you get ready to rock so just tell me when!

    I don't know how often to post and how much do you change your post up between AM and PM? And weekly or more than that?!

    I post my challenge group post about 11 days in advance— then on about 8-9 days before the start date I do a post in the morning and a post at night about how it’s the last chance to get in on that group. Not anything crazy. Lol just play around with it and figure out what works for you!

    I'm having a weird issue. I have 4 people who have committed to being a coach, but when I send them the info to sign up, they don't! I can see they've 'seen' the message and don't know why they aren't signing up! Tips or tricks?

    It gets kinda awkward after the first time you help them with the sign up process and then they don’t do it. lol. Whenever I get to the point of helping them sign up, I try and make sure they are ready to do it right then so I can walk them through it.

    At this point, you could always message them and say something like “Hey! I just want to make sure you get signed up and ready to go for this training that starts monday! Let me know if you need any help with it and I can pre enroll you on my phone and make it even easier for you if you want!”
    Assuming you know how to pre-enroll them on the mobile app. lol. Some people really just look at the message in the middle of being busy with something else and then just forget about it so a gentle reminder is usually all it takes!

    So we're supposed to put the business opportunity out for people, but we're also supposed to be F.O.R.M.ing and giving them time to check out the challenge groups, etc. So, for those of us just starting out, do you think we're going to be presenting the possibility of coaching to fewer people for awhile until we have a better customer base?

    That is honestly how I’ve grown my business from day 1— the secret sauce is in converting passionate challengers into coaches! So yes, that will take some time but you’ll have a new batch of prospects next month! So for now, I would only present the business side of it to those that are either already beachbody lovers or fitness lovers that would benefit from the extra income or whatever. Does that make sense?

    Can I move a coach once they sign up and are showing up in my downline?

    You can only move someone within 72 hours of them signing up AND they can’t have anyone else placed under them yet. So that’s kinda what makes this so fun! It’s like a game of chess and making your best educated guess when you’re placing your new coaches!

    How do I figure out how to place coaches?

    Learn the basics here:

    Here’s the video URL in case you need to share this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dV1lfV8jNJ0

    Can you do Shakeology while pregnant/nursing?

    Always advise that they speak with their doctor first to clear it with them on a personal basis. But MANY pregnant women drink Shakeology while pregnant and nursing— most replace this with their prenatal vitamins so they don’t over-do the vitamins and nutrients. And some do half scoop. VEGAN is the best option for pregnant women.

    What is the difference between p90x3 and T25?

    They are both awesome as far as time goes— T25 is a 10 week program — all 25 minutes long and comes with a resistance band and that’s all you’ll need for the entire program, unless you have some dumbbells you’d rather use.
    P90x3 is a 13 week program– all 30 minute workouts. You will need a pull-up bar and a resistance band or dumbbells to get the most out of these workouts.

    So if you’d rather keep it simple, T25 would be the way to go. It’s an amazing program, but uses mostly high intensity interval training and body weight exercises for strength. It’s a little more cardio based and P90x3 incorporates more strength training with the pull ups and such.

    Where can I find some good Shakeology recipes?


    How many SC points do we get for challenge packs, program only, and shakeology only?

    This is how you get success club points:

    2 points for a challenge pack sale
    1 point for a NEW HD shakeology customer

    You do NOT get any success club points for selling programs only. You will just receive the retail commission for those sales.

    How many coaches do you need under you to hit Emerald rank and how many for Diamond?

    EMERALD: personally sponsor 1 *active coach on each leg. (active=50PV or more each month)
    DIAMOND: personally sponsor 4 active coaches on each leg— ONE of those coaches on EACH LEG is also an emerald coach

    How often are we paid commissions from Beachbody?

    We are paid every THURSDAY. The Beachbody week officially ends at 11:59pm EASTERN on Wednesdays.

    Your weekly commissions will show up under ‘MYBUSINESS’ then ‘MY COMMISSIONS’ but it PAYS OUT the following week and will show up in ‘MY EARNINGS’ the day it should hit your bank account.

    How do you qualify for free customer leads from beachbody?

    Once you rank advance to be an EMERALD coach, you will then start receiving monthly customers from beachbody— those people who have ordered through beachbody.com and not through a coach directly. You DO NOT receive the initial commissions for their order, but you DO receive the commission off anything they order in the future.

    How do you qualify for success club leads?

    1- Be Emerald rank or higher – personally sponsor one active coach on each leg
    2- Earn success club 5 or higher each month
    3- Have your $15.95 business fee paid for the month
    4- Must have 90PV worth of shakeology HD
    5- Be a club member for TEAMBEACHBODY.COM and update your profile- bio, before/after pic (MUST at least have a before pic)- to update: go to teambeachbody.com and login>under your name, click ‘my dashboard’> edit profile.

    **The cost to be a club member is about $39 charged QUARTERLY. This will more than pay for itself with your free customers since we’ll all be hitting at least SC 5 each month! 🙂 This also gives you access to create CUSTOMIZED meal plans on teambeachbody.com — this is an awesome resource to use for your challengers who might be struggling with eating healthy.

    What is the best strategy for placing coaches in my downline to maximize the compensation plan once my team is growing steadily?

    I learned from one of Scottie Hobb’s videos and it is working great! Watch this:

    Link to Video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEs-WU8DTOU

    Besides the obvious sales/growing your business what is the advantage to hitting SC 10 instead of SC 5?

    The first benefit is that you would be more likely to receive more free shakeology leads the following month than if you only hit SC5. The second benefit has to do with the success club trip. You earn double the amount of travel cash if you earn SC10 each month vs just SC5.

    If a customer orders a challenge and hates Shakeo (impossible- right!) are they still under the guarantee if they want to return it?

    Challenge Packs are billed as an entire package, and the items are not billed separately; therefore, the entire package would have to be returned, in order to receive a refund. Unfortunately, partial returns for Challenge Packs are not available due to the packages being billed as a whole unit, and not individual products.

    HOWEVER— They CAN call customer service and exchange for another flavor. They will just have to pay for shipping.

    A customer is concered about Green Tea in Shakeology. Do we have any info on this?

    YES! Go to this link and read all about it:) http://www.scottiehobbs.com/green-tea-in-shakeology/

    How do I change my shakeology HD order for next month?

    You can either call coach relations or change it with a form in your back office.
    Log in to your coach online office > my business > forms and documents > modify shakeology order.

    Where do I go to enter in my checking account info into the BeachBody Site?

    Log into your coach online office and click on ‘MY BUSINESS’ EFT MANAGEMENT at the bottom


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