Emerald to Diamond Day 8

Get Your Coaches Started Right
  • Hopefully by now, you have realized that an integral part of your success in getting to Diamond is your ability to help your new Coaches rank advance to Emerald and experience success themselves. As you continue to sponsor new Coaches yourself, you have to help them do the same thing.
    Taking the time and effort to help your new Coaches get started right in the beginning will save you lots of time in the end. The expectations you set from your very first conversation with your new Coaches can set the tone of the relationship you continue to build with them.
    Coach Basics (21 Day New Coach Training) is an essential place to help your Coaches get started but the one-on-one time you spend with them in the beginning is just as important—- whether that’s on the phone, via email, or Facebook. Find what works for you.
    Also, the super basics for helping a new coach get started right is all at your fingertips in the coach online office. They’s just updated it and it’s awesome! Log in there and click on NEWS & TRAINING — then TRAINING — and you’ll see get started and coach section that will have awesome tutorials and getting started right activities for new coaches.
    Familiarize yourself with that area today so you are comfortable sending your new coaches there before they start the 21 Day New Coach Training on the Inspirnation Dream Team Training site.
    P.S. If you go to Mindy’s youtube, she has a 14 day video training series for them to watch to get them started right that is also helpful. http://youtube.com/MindyWender

    And one more thing, here is a getting started right video to watch as an example. It would be a great idea for all of you to make one of these for YOUR new coaches as well.