Emerald to Diamond Day 6

Growing a Team
  • You can’t get to Diamond without recruiting people and helping your Coaches recruit as well. ‘Recruiting’ sounds weird——- but TEAM BUILDING is all that means. It is an integral part of our business, yet it seems to be a challenge for many.
    The truth is most Emeralds are terrified about talking to people about coaching. Can you relate? You can easily share about your workout program or Shakeology, but the business opportunity is a whole new ball game. Today we will share with you 2 ways to help shift the way you think about recruiting.
    The first one is to look at the opportunity as just another product that we have to offer—the best product. Why? It has the ability to not only impact a person’s physical health but also their career and financial goals. In fact, most new Coaches will tell you they became a Coach because they want to help people, yet once they become a Coach they are hesitant to offer to others the best way we can do that—with our Coaching Opportunity.
    Secondly, have you prejudged the people in your life and therefore not asked them to join your Team? If you have, you are not alone. We all do it—but how unfair is that? How are we to know what people might be looking for in their lives and who made us the authority on making these decisions for others? In the end, they may decline your invitation but if they know your intent they will be more honored than offended by the fact that you invited them.
    Do a recruiting checkup of your business and go back and look over the last few months. How many people have you invited to join you on your Team? How many said yes? What is your goal for this month? What is your goal for your Team? Tracking your recruiting numbers should become a habit in your business so that you can be sure to stay consistent.
    Throughout this program we will be hosting a Beachbody Coaching Opportunity event. This gives you and your Coaches the PERFECT opportunity to invite anyone interested to learn more about Beachbody. You alone do not have to know all the answers, so invite your friends to come learn more.
    So today, share with your upline sponsor what your monthly goals are for recruiting over the next 3 months, both personally and for your Team—- how are you helping your ps coaches grow their teams? Also, go back to your list of contacts, who have you prejudged and why?