Emerald to Diamond Day 5

Find your Groove
  • You must create a schedule that can be repeated DAILY.
    OK—so you have a road map with your Diamond Coach Business Model and you have your contact list. Now what are you actually going to DO? You need to be on the offense and consistently take action that will get you results. It’s not just about getting to Diamond, it’s about consistently helping people and building a business that will have a strong foundation and always growing. This requires daily action and your commitment to talking to people every day. Whether it’s on social media or face-to-face—this business is about talking to people and building relationships.
    Your continued success is going to require a specific action plan and it should include daily activity, new activity, and follow-up activity. Specifically, consider a plan like the 5/3/2 method. This means making 5 new contacts a day, 3 follow-ups to customer or Coach prospects, and reaching out to 2 of your Team members. If you were to do this every single day, your business would consistently grow.
    Here is a video from the TOP COACH in the business right now Melanie Mitro sharing how her daily routine goes.

    Also watch this video that Mindy created on momentum and flow: