Emerald to Diamond Day 13

Success Partners and Mentors
  • Success partners and mentors—everyone needs them! If you don’t already have a success partner, find one now. It could be someone in this group or not—- but you want someone who has similar goals so that you can grow together and keep each other on track. An accountability partner gives you someone to check in with to get support and encouragement for your biz. You don’t just want a cheer leader. You want someone who you can share your goals with and who will give you some tough love when you need it to stay on track!
    Tara and I hooked up as success partners about a month after I became a coach and I had no clue what a success partner was at the time. Pretty sure Mindy made her message me and see if I had one! lol But I can honestly say that she has been a life saver for me! This business is amazing but we still experience hills and valleys and I’m so glad I’ve had her there to go through the tough times with. We talk every single day— usually at least 10 times a day and we’ve been able to bounce ideas and grow together from the start. Get a success partner STAT and if you have one already—— then utilize them!
    Now onto mentors—— A mentor is someone different and does not need to be within your Beachbody family. In fact, you have the ability to be mentored virtually by many top coaches by simply following them on Facebook to see what they do to be successful. That’s what we’ve done! We clicked with Mindy from the beginning and loved how she put her faith and family at the front of her business. So we just watched what she did along with others that we related to and made it our own! These coaches do not have a lot of time to personally mentor individuals one-on-one, but they all allow you to follow what they do! You can also look for a mentor outside of Beachbody who is someone you look up to and understands what it means to be an entrepreneur. Chalene Johnson is really great for this! We’ve done every training she’s offered and have so much respect for her as a #girlboss. Learn from others who have gone before you and whose actions you will want to copy. It is up to you to get the support you need to grow as a leader.
    Listen to this awesome NWC about the importance of Success Partners and how that plays into everything:

    Make sure you have a success partner and if not, FIND ONE! Also, reach out to the coaches on YOUR team and be sure to help them find a success partner as well. Next, identify who your top mentors are. If you don’t have them yet, make it a point to nail that down asap and start soaking up their awesomeness—- even from afar!