Emerald to Diamond Day 12

  • As you know, one of the awesome perks of being an Emerald Coach is that you have an opportunity to receive leads from Beachbody. Before you reach out to leads, it’s important to know what they expect from their Coach. Step-by-step, Lead Lesson 3: What Do My Customer Leads Expect will put you in your customers’ shoes so you can see what they’ve seen and hear what they’ve heard (including two recordings of real telemarketing calls!).

    For the first 6 months in our businesses we would reach out to our leads and NEVER hear back from them! It was so frustrating cause we felt like we were just wasting time reaching out to them. So we did something different and it’s definitely helped! We wanted our leads to know that we were REAL people right off the bat who they could feel comfortable reaching out to for help. So we made a quick 2 minute video and uploaded it to youtube….we include the link to that intro video in our email that we send out to our new customer leads. Also try and find them on fb so we can connect there and build a relationship on a more personal level as well. We still get some people that never write back, but some do and we have been able to help them and get them into my challenge groups and some have even become awesome coaches! So DON’T take your leads for granted and do what you can to help them!
    When you receive leads, what is your action plan to reach out and help them in any way that you can?