10 Days to Emerald Day 8

  • I can’t believe it’s already Day 8!!

    Today I’m passing along a post that another leader shared in the leader’s page from his emerald to diamond training. I loved it so much and wanted to be sure and pass it on to you guys!! From Tommy Mygrant:


    I’m Sitting here thinking about something… And I want you to THINK About which one you are or which one you WILL BECOME!!

    The Law of 80/20 holds true. WHICH ONE ARE YOU??

    20% of you (6 coaches) will become TOP LEADERS in SWARM, will help a Ton of people and begin BUILDING AN ORGANIZATION…

    20% of those 6 (ONE of you will become a TOP LEADER in the entire Network in the course of the next 1 to 2 years)

    80% of you will Fall into one of the Following Categories:

    Fall Away Coach

    A coach who paralyzes in fear, let’s life get in the way of their goals, becomes unplugged from the team and slowly fades away. On a Scale of 1-10 they are a 0-2 as far as wanting to/needing to/actually doing what coaches do. Long run they don’t make a go of it. Swarm Coaches who fit this category earn very little if any income (maybe like $200 a year)

    Sometimes Coach

    A coach who stays around, they sometimes promote and occasionally recruit… they sometimes make Success Club and Sometimes don’t. They sometimes attend calls and live events, and sometimes don’t. They help a few people here and there, and they sometimes add new coaches, but never do it consistently enough to ever advance past emerald in rank or lead a team… they really do this as a hobby and for their own accountability and social life. and that is O.K. On a scale of 1-10 they are a 3-5, EARN a hobby type income ($25 to $150 a week on average, mostly from retail commissions)

    Consistant Coach

    A coach who is plugged in and consistently building challenge groups and consistently focused on making success club and enrolling good quality coaches. They consistently plug into the team calls and attend many live events like super Saturday and summit. This coach influences hundreds of lives because they understand the concept of helping MANY through building a TEAM WHO each help a few. It is RARE that they don’t make Success Club or don’t enroll a coach or two each month. THEY are in contact with the team and company daily. On a scale of 1-10, this coach is a 6-8 and they earn a pretty good part time income of $150 – $750 a week after being consistent for a year or more.

    All In Coach

    This coach is one of the 20% who produce 80% of the result. They are more than consistent; they are consistently striving to help more and more people by building a bigger and bigger team. They are ALWAYS plugged into calls AND getting THEIR TEAM to plug into calls. They attend EVERY LIVE EVENT and even seminars and trainings outside of Beachbody. THEY EARN FREE TRIPS AND PRIZES ALL THE TIME. They are consistently at the top of the SC list for the Team or Company, and they are always adding 2 to 10 coaches each month to their org. On a scale of 1-10, this coach is a 9-10 and their paycheck eventually reflects that effort. Swarm coaches who fit this category currently earn $500 to $5,000 per week depending on how long they’ve done it at this level. Some of them will eventually help Hundreds of thousands of people and earn a high 6 figure or 7-figure income as a coach. (top network coaches earn anywhere from 100k to 2 million+ annually)

    ITS’ NOT right or wrong for you to be in any of these categories. BUT, what’s important is for you to think about where you TRULY are now, and where you would like to be and to honestly ask yourself if your level of commitment and activity match your dreams. ONLY TIME TELLS TRUTH!!!! But we OWE it to you to give you an honest snapshot of truth and let your vision for YOU and YOUR TEAM and YOUR LIFE begin to take shape.
    FOR THE RECORD: I Started as a sometimes coach, then graduated into Consistent Coach, and after 2 years became an ALL IN COACH….. Most people do not come in guns blazing, they stick around and graduate to higher levels over time. BUT, the ones that disappear never have a chance to grow into more because they never have those light bulb moments.”
    Now—- be HONEST with yourself— RIGHT NOW, what type of coach are you? There is no right or wrong! But make sure that your daily activities and your commitment level align with your goals or you will create all sorts of frustration for yourself.
    Now I just have one quick video with some more nitty gritty deets about Emerald!
    Here is a video on WHY you should sign up 2 coaches to get to Emerald.

    This video explains the importance of getting to emerald and talks about success club and the leads that you get as well!
    Some extra perks that come along with it:
    Recognition the moment you become a leader – instant credibility to your peers
    Free leads from beachbody
    Success club leads
    Able to join the Emerald to Diamond training
    Write down in your notebooks your takeaways from today and be sure and get in your power of 3s!