10 Days to Emerald Day 3

  • Day 3 on our road to EMERALD CITY!!
    “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn
    Can we be disciplined for these 10 days? Can we create NEW habits that will literally be life changing for you? THAT is my goal for this training. Not just to see how many of you can reach emerald in 10 days. That will be a byproduct of doing the right simple activities consistently. So let’s build those habits!
    Ok on to today’s post! It’s a goodie;)
    Do you take personal responsibility for your life? What does that even mean? You write out your goals. You say what your dreams are and you tell me what you desire for your life. But the difference between successful people and those that are not is your AIM!!!! You just GO FOR IT and you don’t give excuses! You might not know how you are going to get there but you know the direction you are going!!! Are you literally DOING what it takes each and every day to GET TO YOUR GOAL?!?!?
    Today I want you to watch this video. Then your job is to write out your roadmap. Reflect on what you REALLY want out of life. Your big dreams and goals. Write out your roadmap in your notebooks today! One year — Five years — 10 years. It’s ok to dream big. You’ll grow into the person it takes to accomplish those dreams!